Here you will find articles discussing the various ways culture and media can affect both the development of an eating disorder and eating disorder recovery.


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Young anorexic woman is murdered in family tragedy

skullReflections on Tragic Death In Ireland

A young anorexic woman died in Ireland. Her mother was a psychiatrist. She drowned her daughter in the bath.

It's a tragic story of Gothic proportions going back who knows how many generations. The mother couldn't bear the daughter's anorexia. The daughter refused treatment. The mother had an eating disorder. The grandmother committed suicide.

Sex, Beauty and Eating Disorders: Let Love and Reality Win

marilyn monroe 1488670 340*pix Marilyn Monroe

Sex, Understanding, Confusion, False Messages and Eating Disorders

If you have an eating disorder, you most likely know that human sexuality is flagrantly advertised and photographed, exploited and both demonized and idealized in our culture.  Yet  your actual experience is rarely reflected back to you in ways that help you feel understood or understand yourself. Worse, the bomardment of sexual behavior and sexual etiquette definitions may overwhelm you before you can develop your own appreciation for what's important to you.

Here's an example of the pressure on you to fit into a predetermined and callous sexually desireable straightjacket.

Restaurant Menu Calorie Count Can be Unreliable

If you are watching your calories and nutritional intake, be careful in restaurants.  Be sure to use your common sense as you evaluate the information on the menu next to your favorite foods.  Tufts University researchers are helping us keep track of what's right and what's not.

Losing Weight Amidst Villains

Trying to Lose Weight?

Please be aware of risks, scams and dangerous profiteering liars.

I just learned, in the Minot Daily News, about the existence of the Healthy Weight Network's Slim Chance Awards for 2009. It's not so great to win this award, but it's a real eye opener and maybe a life saver for people who have been using diet programs and drugs that don't work or could be harmful.

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