Here you will find articles discussing the various ways culture and media can affect both the development of an eating disorder and eating disorder recovery.


Links to various articles in the news and other websites and blogs representing cultural voices will be posted here along with commentary.




BlackSwan: Beautiful Public Appearance and Ugly Secret Body Destruction (1-8)

The Black Swan artistic creative team bring the anorexic lived experience to the screen. Women with a history of bulimia and compulsive overeating identify with part of Nina’s experience, especially the confusion between fantasy and reality.  But the person with severe anorexia is described meticulously.

Cautionary Tale and Need for Self Development

Leona Gage reaches pinnacle of acknowledged beauty only to lead a sad and difficult life. If you obsess about your beauty, youth and shape, please take heed.

56685461Leona is 18 in this 1957 picture, just crowned as Miss U.S.A. She's pretending to be 21.

Truth behind the photo? She married at 14. At 16 she had two children.

Thank you, Chenese Lewis and BEDA

Congratulations and thank you to Chevese Lewis for helping to bring natural and healthy body acceptance back into the perceptions of women. 

A woman's body is a miracle of creation, adapting and changing over the years to allow her woman to live fully in

Oprah Winfrey’s network to tackle eating disorders

I'm concerned about making patients suffering from eating disorders a source of entertainment. It must be possible to offer "the possibility to see food-based issues in a new light" without exposing vulnerable people to a massive television audience.

In psychotherapy the patient knows she can say just about anything, and

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