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Watch out for mind tricks that convince you that cleansing is normal when it is a purging symptom of a real and present eating disorder.

The Mind Trick

Suppose you eat, binge often or occasionally and don't throw up. You can convince yourself that are not bulimic and that you do not have an eating disorder. Therefore you don't need treatment. In fact, you don't need to change or heal from anything.

Purge Reality

But you have a morning enema every day. It's normal, you say, because your mother or your grandmother or both did the same and taught you. This is not normal and is a form of purging.

Perhaps you have colonics several times a week or even several times a day. This is not throwing up, but it is a form a purging. So is a regular use of laxatives or drinking prune juice or taking herbal concoctions for whatever reason that send you to the bathroom.

Colon cleanses, juicing detox cleanses, diuretics and fasting cleanses are all forms of purging. The bulimic mind will trick you into honoring the bulimia and believing, since you are not throwing up, that you are doing something nice for your body.

Mind Tricks Feel Good

You feel good because you feel in control. And you also feel a kind of triumph. That is the happy feeling you get when your your mind tricksucceeds. You can act out your bulimia guilt free.

But guilt free or guilty, living in a happy state of illusion or in the reality of the purge, you are purging and giving your eating disorder more power in your life.

Watch Out

Please watch out for that trickster and stay on your recovery path.


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