Compulsive Eating Disorder, J, Age 54, Where Are You?

Trying to find you You are a brave 54 year old woman suffering from compulsive eating. You wrote to me today for help. When I responded to your post, a firewall bounced my response to you back to me. I can't reach you. Perhaps we can find each other again via my blog. I will keep your identifying information removed from this post as I try to connect with you again.
What you said You wrote that you were sexually abused in childhood. You said, “ when I read your website, I literally cried because you were so correct in describing my life and feelings.” I am moved by your response and so glad that you are now inspired to get help. You asked if I have a network of therapists, in your area, that specialize in your eating disorder and that you want a referral. Then you told me the name of the city in Michigan where you live. I can't find you When I wrote to you my post bounced back twice. If you found my article on this blog perhaps you will find this post and give me another way to contact you with referrals.

Here is the letter I wrote to you.
Dear J, Good for you for writing. I'm so glad you are being active in finding your recovery path. Yes, I belong to a national and international network of eating disorder psychotherapists. I will see what I can find for you. Thank you for letting me know that my writing affected you. Your response validates my work and encourages me to continue. Please let me know which article you read that seemed to describe your life. That would be helpful to me. I will send you this post now and then immediately send a post to my network. Hopefully, responses will come in. I will forward them to you. Happy New Year, J. Maybe, as you find your way to healing, this will be your best year ever. warm regards, Joanna

How to help me reach you
J, perhaps you can use a different e-mail address to write me again at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You could respond via the comment section of this blog. But if you are using your original e-mail address I could only respond via the comment section and that would make sending you referrals difficult. Please let me know a good way to contact you. I want to encourage you and help you get the help you need. Please know that I respect and appreciate the courage it takes for you to reach out.

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