Nutritional and Exercise Issues

Fears around food in general and some particular foods, emotional attraction to certain foods, vulnerability to binge foods,  issues regarding "safe" and "unsafe" foods are certainly addressed. 

Insurance Coverage for Treatment

Mine is a fee for service practice.

Insurance companies, not I, make coverage decisions.

I am not a member of any HMO program nor am I on any list of preferred providers.  If you have a PPO my fees may be partially reimbursed under the category of "out of network provider."  My services may be covered by private insurance.

Joanna & Other Professionals - Consulting and Referrals

I work in a private practice setting where everything that is said is confidential. However, I refer my clients to other clinicians, nutritionists and M.D.'s when needed. I will also consult with professionals in various fields that are related to eating disorder research and treatment.

Requirements to Qualify for Joanna's Practice

I work with adults only. My practice is designed for women and men who are committed to their own healing, recovery, and personal development.  I work with people in an age range of 24 - 90+.

Making An Appointment for Someone Else

 Mothers, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters call me to make appointments for the woman they care about who has an eating disorder.

These people love and are worried about the suffering person.  They may be looking for ways to convince their loved one to go into treatment.  They may be helping that person by doing some scouting to find out what may be available in terms of treatment, and during their research they found me.

Consultations vs. Psychotherapy

A consultation is a time limited experience with me where you provide specific information about yourself and your situations so I can give you professional perspective on your possible options.  You use my consultation services to learn more about healing and recovery exercises and how to apply them and integrate them into your life.

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