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Meaning of Your Dreams: Eating disorders keep you on the surface. Dreams go deep. How to understand and benefit from your dream images

treasure chest victorian 2745 640* Eating disorder recovery requires deep work. Suppose this treasure was your dream image. How would you understand it? Would you go surface or deep?

If you attend to your image and wonder about it you have an opportunity to go more deeply into the meaning this image holds for you. This is more than an intellectual exercise. Feelings lost or unknown, forgotten memories and physical sensations echoing your past come into consciousness. What your eating disorder represses has an opportunity to ascend to awareness. That's when you have a genuine healing opportunity.

Eating Disorder Recovery: Using the language of myth and dream in psychotherapy

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Code: Man or woman, prince or princess, boy or girl is transformed into a frog. Clue: Crown on head signifies magical metamorphosis.  Action Required: Find a human to accomplish three impossible tasks to free the frog encased prisoner. Question: Are you the prisoner or the human who can free the prisoner? Or are you both?

Fairy tales are old. Most were not written by

12 Steps to Learn from Your Nightmares: Boost Your Eating Disorder Recovery

Spider eyes

Don't miss a terrific opportunity to improve your life. Your nightmare is a gift and forceful guide to what is right and next for you. (You may find this image interesting, lovable or fascinating. But it could also be a terrifying and threatening image in a nightmare. Don't run. Use it. Let it teach you.)

Nightmare Wave in Eating Disorder Recovery

320px Ocean surface wave                                    *pix

Women recovering from eating disorders can be unaware of the massive change about to disrupt their lives. Many report versions of an overwhelming wave of water dream. They consider this dream a nightmare. 

One version is this:

The woman is on a boat in the ocean, often with friends or spouse or both.  It's a beautiful day.  The sea is calm. She and her friends are relaxing. She feels that all is normal and pleasant. 

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