7 Ways Writing and Mindfulness Can Heal an Eating Disorder: tips for parents and teens


Writing your story is a powerful eating disorder recovery tool whether it be keeping a diary, journaling, writing letters to yourself or God or your wisdom source. Healing Your Hungry Heart contains many ways to write your way through eating disorder bumps and crises on your way to solid healing.

I was delighted to speak about writing as part of eating disorder healing yesterday with Janet Larson Melugin on blogtalkradio yesterday.

Janet is an expert in self esteem and offers seminars and workshops for teens.  She has created a "diary project" where she encourages teens to write their stories and submit selected sections to the project so teens can share in their self development and self esteem work.

Because I encourage journaling as a healing practice, Janet and I had a connection that we explored on the air.  We covered:

  1. how keeping a diary is similar and different to journaling
  2. the many ways to journal
  3. mindfulness practices
  4. the importance of taking a first pause to change an eating disorder acting out intention
  5. the practical and specific healing factors of love and compassion
  6. how a mother can help prevent her daughter from developing an eating disorder
  7. how a mother can help a daughter with an eating disorder on her recovery.

Listen in!  And by all means write in your questions and comments. I'd love to hear from you.

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